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~~ Razorxsmile ~~

Awards for Gwen Stefani contest, movie ones coming later!

Please do not direct link these banners, as I will be deleting them once everyone has said they have recieved theirs! each award is a link to the blend that won!

Gold award goes to xxxpaperdollxxx - your blend was fantastical! Totally amazing!

Silver went to vblackangelv - your blend was really good and I loved the background!

Bronze went to asphyxiate - I love how you used colour and black and white and the text over the face whether intentional or not looks awesome!

Honourary mention goes to both randisayrelax and hellaxdesigns/sunkissed_x - Both were awesome!

Finally viewers choice goes to natalie17 - great blend, keep up the good work!

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took it
congrats to everyone else
thanks hun xx
np :) glad you like!

thank you so much!

i have saved my award :)
coolies ^_^
this is xxxpaperdollxxx on my new journal
I got it saved.
thanks! ^_^
coolios hun, loved your blend! ^_^
Thanks Hun :) <3
np ^_^
omg, thanks. i thought mine was terrible. :)