~~ Razorxsmile ~~ (razorxsmile) wrote in graphic_contest,
~~ Razorxsmile ~~

Awards for Sarah Michelle Gellar contest under here!

Please do not direct link these banners, as I will be deleting them once everyone has said they have recieved theirs! each award is a link to the blend that won!

Mod's choice goes to asphyxiate - I loved this blend the moment you sent it me, there were other equally good ones, but I felt this was my favourite!

Gold award goes to natalie7 - your blend was excellent

Silver was a tie between erics_babygirl and cherry_popsicle (as cherry_popsicle didn't get back to me about her real name, I had to use her lj username on her award, if she wants to contact me, i'll make her award again with her real name, if she wants!) Both blends were really good

Bronze again was a tie, this time between deathsmessenger and sunkissed_x - both good blends ^_^

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Deleted comment

lol you know I was actually thinking of doing that, so I will ^_^ *goes to edit post*

great minds think alike
Yay Bronze thankee! *pins banner up to hellaxdesigns User info!

Well done to everyone!
<3 xx
*squee* thank you. :D
np, glad you like ^_^
congrats everybody! Everyone's was awesome =)
wee hee!
thankyou darling.
hehe np ^_^
Thank you hun :)
no problem ^_^
yay! I got mine. Thanks. :) ::does happy dance::
heehee. well done hun ^_^