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graphic_contest's Journal

Graphic Contest
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This is a community maintained by razorxsmile

graphic_contest is similar to a lot of the blend/icon contest communities out there. We hold many other different graphic challenges, such as icons, headers, wallpapers, friends only signs and anything else I can think of which will be fun for our members! We also offer the chance for members of ours to host challenges every now and again, please email me at graphic__contest@hotmail.com with details of what you'd like to do etc and we'll sort it all out

When a new challenge is started (usually byrazorxsmile) all the details will be posted in the community along with pictures for you to use in the contest. Occasionally I will not provide pictures and ask you to look for your own. Then you need to send your finished entry URL to graphic__contest@hotmail.com along with your real first name and livejournal username. After a certain amount of time, I will then make a post containing all the entries and a poll, you then pick which is your favourite, please do not vote for yourself unless you seriously think it is the best one there. After 2 days I will sort out the results and post awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place along with a special award given out by me to my favourite.

Sometimes I may decide the winners, but for now, its a poll.

1. Save your graphic as 1-smg.jpg/png/gif (the number signifies the challenge number and initials signify the celebrity the contest is on) The file name will always be placed in the post anyway.
2. Graphics really shouldn't be over 600x600, but for bigger challenges i.e a wallpaper then of course you can make it bigger, its just to minimise loading time when people are trying to pick a winner.
3. You may submit only one entry to each contest.
4. Please send a URL link to your picture, realname/lj username to graphic__contest@hotmail.com
5. Reply to the post where that contest was announced, to ask if I have recieved your entry.
6. Use only pictures that I provide, unless otherwise stated.

If you are having problems with uploading your graphic, feel free to email me about it at graphic__contest@hotmail.com and I can host the image until the contest is over.


a drama free icon community

Want to be affiliates? Leave a comment in the most recent post or email me at graphic__contest@hotmail.com and I look forward to affiliating with you.

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